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Bath Mats For Guinea Pigs. Soft Fleece Guinea Pig Bed Winter Small Animal Cage Mat Hamster Sleeping Bed mats For Hamster Guinea Pig Squirrel Rats Rabbits. bath pig. Guinea pigs are great at keeping themselves clean, but you might have to bathe yours if it has an infection or Use a soft-bristled or guinea pig brush to remove tangles and prevent matting.

"Guinea pigs with fruits pattern" Bath Mat by Miri ...
"Guinea pigs with fruits pattern" Bath Mat by Miri … (Rebecca Hunter)

The obvious exceptions to this is are if your pet is in need of an anti-parasite bath, or if you've had instructions from your vet to bathe. Reasons to bath your guinea pig Guinea pigs are very clean animals and unless you don't regularly clean out their cage, then most of the time they keep that However, bathing your guinea pig will help towards keeping their hair and skin healthy. If their hair becomes soaked with urine or If your guinea pig gets mucky and smelly, they need a bath to protect them from getting nasty, painful conditions.

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"Guinea pigs with fruits pattern" Bath Mat by Miri …

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BATHING YOUR GUINEA PIG Guinea pigs only require bathing when necessary. And you need to be careful about what you put on their fur. They hate water- and in most cases they don't need it on their fur also!